Mid-April 2023

Brief & Brilliant

A Quote & A Question:

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought
and the thought has found its words." 
~ Robert Frost

I have a steady and long-standing journaling habit. It is reflective of the inspirations my life has brought to me for several decades of mountain living and world travel. From time to time, I draft a simple poem to express the vast gratitudes I am experiencing in any given moment, day or week. Looking back through journals past and re-reading these small entries transports me to the feelings of the moments.

Here is a short, somewhat simple one that emerged as spring begins to come, late as it always does, here in the High Country. It’s sing-song style made it easy to share with the little ones in my life as I encourage them to express their inner experiences through prose. Enjoy!

Springtime in the Rockies 

High altitude skies so brilliant blue,

I step outside, my soul renews,

My heart, mind and spirit soar,

In the distance the mighty river roars.


Snow on the mountains starting to clear,

The visible sign that “true spring” is near.


Birds are singing, trees beginning their bloom,

The crisp mountain air, dispels winter’s gloom.


Nature, so vibrant, alive and bright,

Feasts my eyes, gives deep delight.

In my world, chipmunks scurry, rabbits hop,

Ermine dart, they never stop.


Deer graze quietly, without a care,

Grooming the landscape that we all share.


I go explore, restore, soak it all in,

Ready to take the new day that now begins.

Peace emerges, chaos subsides,

My heart is full and with pup by my side,

I grin with Joy at the Abundance within.

(April 2023)


Question: “How frequently are YOU capturing those inspirations
from life and how are you expressing them?”

If you need some ideas, reach out to me here and let’s explore together!

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