Empowerment Options


An 8 week, coach supported journey into removing the saboteurs which impede success and clarity. Find out more here: https://creativeleadershipsystems.com/mental-fitness.html and accelerate your performance exponentially.

Offering options for both solo, group, and corporate experiences.

INTRO COACHING PACKAGE        ................................  3 month engagement

Introductory Values, Vision and Clarity work. Expanding into initial strategic planning for whatever project, life or work goals are on the table. Cut through the confusion that the chaos of life can bring and develop the personal power that comes from having a plan


ELITE Development Package.....................6 month engagement

A deeper dive into the waters of creating results. Experience accelerated success and movement in all areas. Explore your signature strengths and learn how to optimize their use at work and home. Increase effectiveness, resilience, creativity and joy.


VIP/ Signature Service......................12 months

Lasting change takes time and practice. This package offers the best value for time and the highest level of results. Content rich, resource generous and life invigorating.


Mastermind Collaborative 

                High level private development for personal or business endeavors. Intimate groups of 5-7. Most sessions run for 6  months. Participation by invitation only. Use the Calendar link below to schedule a private conversation to learn of current Mastermind opportunities.


Group Options:  Leadership Development & Team Dynamics

                              Communication Skills


All options include unlimited access to your coach by text and email. Most include a minimum of 3 calls per month. For more details, pricing and to see what the best option might be for your circumstances, schedule a conversation with Dr. Moira today by clicking the link below:




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